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Make Yourself Stand Out

Posted by Amy Dunbar on


Branding is one of the easiest things to skip doing when you start your business but is one of the most important to do. Having a cohesive, recognizable look to your website and the content is what will allow people to recognize and trust you. Let's break down what it means to brand your business. 

Why is it important?

Think about it, when you see a new business and their social media is full of random messy looking content that really doesn't flow or a website that is so bland you question if it is a legit business, hello major red flag! Branding helps create trust with consumers when they can see that you put thought and effort into the product or service you are selling. It will make your business appear less like a scam and give customers most confidence in where they spent their money. 

Another important factor to consider is that the market is saturated in many niches which means you need to stand apart from your competitors. Consumers are rightfully picky about where they spend their hard earned money; simply offering a product they like is not enough anymore. Platforms like Etsy and Instagram make it very easy to find 10 shops that sell similar items within 10 seconds. You need to ask yourself, what about my brand stands apart from others?  

The most obvious is that branding will allow people to recognize you making it more likely to stop their scroll. When someone is a space cadet stuck in a scroll hole, they are more likely to stop and consume the content if they recognize it is you.

Although it is best to do from the start, it is never too late to (re)brand your business.


  • use your stories on Instagram for consumers to get to know you and to build a relationship with them
  • pick 3 - 5 colours to stick with to use for your content and website 
  • choose 2 - 3 fonts to consistently use
  • have a unique, easy to read logo 
  • create a strong mission statement to give consumers insight into what you do and how you can make a difference in your niche
  • get proper photos of your products [hire a photographer if this is not your strong suit!] 

Getting Started

If you skipped over the branding fundamentals when you started your business or it is time for a refresh check out this free branding template. 



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